Looking for a bit more? We're working on an extended version of this game which you can wishlist on Steam!

What we're adding:

  • More enemies!
  • More bosses!
  • A huge asteroid field to explore!
  • Bigger asteroids!
  • An improved upgrade tree!
  • AND MORE!!!

If you have performance issues look in the "Settings" menu and un-check the "Hi Graphics" options.

Space is dark and full of terror... and raw resources!

Mine asteroids, upgrade your equipment and blast cosmic aliens!

The theme for the jam was RAW and we interpreted that as raw resources. We also tried to go for a raw style with the audio and graphics.


  • Game Concept
  • Game Design
  • Graphic Design


  • Programming
  • Music
  • SFX


SpaceMajorMiner-Linux-64.tar.xz 33 MB
SpaceMajorMiner-win-64.zip 36 MB

Development log


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I really enjoyed myself! I would be able to sink my teeth into more levels and customization of character/ship! I didn't want it to end =]


Thanks! Hopefully we'll have more for you to play soon!

Will the full version be released on itch? 

That's the current plan. :)


Love the game. Really enjoyed it!

Thank you so much - we're glad you enjoyed it :)


Would definitely love to buy a full version! Great game so far.

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. We're really happy to hear you say that! We're working on a full version you can wish list here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2011100/Space_Major_Miner/

I beat the boss! Great work ArtiamGames. I'm taking notes! I see how everything is done very well, down to the gif thumbnail, page background, description art, etc!!

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This Is A AMAZING Game! Its hard but this game has the right amount of hard 10/10

Thank you so much!

Can you add a pause button please?

You can press esc to pause while in game :)

okay thx

you should probably add that to the instructions 

Very nice game! I had a lot of fun playing it. I could probably get stuck playing this for hours on end.

One thing you might consider would be the ability to 'undo' an upgrade while still on the screen.

A cool upgrade might be a shield that operates on the same mechanics - draining battery when in use - and is activated/deactivated using the 's' key.

Hey - glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the suggestions too - we're planning to expand on this a little bit and feedback is always welcome. :)


Awesome game! I loved playing this :) Flying, mining, blasting aliens - all with great visuals and sound. The only issue is that I'm a left-handed mouser, and it's really hard to reach the space bar when using cursors to move (and impossible when using WASD), which meant I had to swap my mouse to my right-hand. Ideally, the Up arrow could have been jump (and double-tap to jetpack)


Hey Thanks for playing. As a left-hander myself (although I usually use the mouse righthanded) I'm a bit embarrassed it missed that - we'll definitely make the up arrow jump!

Im also left-handed


Very Nice game, one thing that puts me off, is I can barely do anything for 5 seconds before one of those aliens comes by and makes me stop, it can get a bit annoying. 

also... sussus amogus

Thank you. :) And thanks for playing. We're considering expanding on this game so feedback is appreciated.

Haha - yeah I guess it does bare a resemblance. It wasn't intentional - I can assure you :)

Jeepers this is a jolly good game.

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Jings crivvens! Thank you so much!



Haha! I can see what you mean :D

Thanks for taking the time to play and comment.

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This was a really fun horror mining game about travelling to space, mining asteroids and fighting monsters. I enjoyed playing the game and found the game to be quite aesthetically pleasing and fun, especially the last level of the game. I enjoyed the boss battle as serious multi-tasking is involved to take on the boss. Would be cool to see even more horrifying design of bosses and even more variety of monsters in the future.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

Thank you so much for playing and making a video. It seriously means so much to us to see someone complete the game and to know someone has seen all the content! And it means even more to us to have video evidence too!

Videos like this are invaluable to us in terms of feedback so thank you again.

This so something we'd both definitely be interesting in expanding on. So more monster, horror and bosses would be where we'd start if that was the case.

Cheers - and keep making videos! :)

I like the idea of having more than one type of alien to kill. Like one that only walks on the ground and walls that cant fly.


Thank you so much!

Dang, pretty damn good!!

Damn :) Thank you for you kind words!